Companies Involved

Group Corporate Structure

In order to ensure the success of the project we have carefully selected a range of internationally renowned partners alongside local businesses.

Genosumi Ltd
United Kingdom Promoter

A UK Company registered specifically for this project. The company is a consortium of businessmen who are acting as the main promoters for the project.

Cela Konstruksion SH.P.K
Albanian Shareholder

Our Albanian partners in the project, they are responsible for initially identifying the project and preparing the feasibility studies and schematic designs. They have also been responsible for the current business plans and environmental impact studies.

Construtora Quebec L.T.D.A
Construction Partners

A large Brazilian civil engineering company with extensive experience in building hydro power plants and they are bringing this technical expertise to the project. In addition, they have strong relationships with International Power Brokers, hence they will assist in brokering the Power Purchase Agreements to sell electricity.

Orteng Equipamentos e Sistemas L.T.D.A
Construction Partners

One of Brazil’s largest providers of electrical and electromechanical installations and equipment. They have installed several thousand Mw’s of hydro electric turbines in Brazil and they have a very strong partnering relationship with Construtora Quebec in Brazil.

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